From My Alexander Technique Students…

Charles Brownlow, MD

As you know, I am a Pain Management physician and many of my patients could potentially benefit from this Posture Sense instruction.

Erin Newman, Author

Working through the Alexander Technique with Ron Dennis has basically eliminated my neck pain.

I’ve had neck problems since I was in my early twenties due to multiple serious car accidents, and have tried phsycial therapy, yoga, and chiropractors to relieve the pain. I also have some hip pain due to childbirth (or that’s what I’m blaming it on). Both of these have been very much helped by working with Ron.

The technique that Ron teaches with so much care and attention seems very simple at first – noticing how we move in our daily life, and then correcting it (gently) as needed. What was most helpful for me, though, were his mantras that I find myself repeating throughout the day (like “the head moves freely atop the neck”). It is sort of a Zen-like approach to posture and carriage, and seems to be what has most “clicked” for me and my neck.

Ron has taught me how to sit down (I was doing it wrong), how to lie down, how to sit at a desk, even a new way of walking, all in the hopes of helping with “curing” my current issues and preventing any future issues. As long as I remember to catch myself in my daily activities, my pain lessens.

I’ve been really happy with both the level of care and the results and can’t say enough great things about Ron Dennis and the Alexander Technique.


Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz, Author & Educator

From letter to Health Editor, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 6-14-06

I’d also like to report that, without question, work with Ron Dennis  here in Atlanta in the Alexander Technique has been the most valuable money and time and energy I have expended in the past 20 years of trying to relieve pain in joints and my spine.


Terri Steele, MD

Alexander Technique has made me more aware of the relationship between body position and the impact of events occurring in my life. It has made me more cognizant of the need for changes.


Mary Kay Kohles-Baker, RN

I have experienced bilateral neck and jaw discomfort , occasionally so severe as to be disabling, for over 10 years. … After four months of following the advice and program of Dr. Ron Dennis, I have experienced almost complete freedom from discomfort.


Mitchell Goodman, Attorney

For many years, my wife urged me to take Alexander lessons, saying  that it would reduce discomfort in my back as well as improve my  appearance. Last year, a severe pinched nerve and related symptoms  convinced me to try it. My wife was right. With the expert help of Ron Dennis, I gradually learned a better way to “use” my body. As a  result, the pinched nerve and regular back pain have disappeared and  (according to my wife) I look taller and straighter than before. The Alexander Technique works.


Peggy Kalvelage, Ultrasonographer

My work with Ron Dennis has brought about remarkable lessening of the neck and shoulder pain I’ve experienced for years.


Paul Hayes, Registered Dietician

An unexpected benefit of Alexander Technique training is that I no longer require foot orthotics, which I formerly needed for both athletic and everyday activity.


Lisa Williams, DC, Chiropractor

Through the Alexander Technique I have learned how to maximize the efficiency of my body mechanics, reducing the effects of postural strain, the forces of gravity, and, consequently, the potential for fatigue.


Louise Cole, Homemaker (Age 78)

I have been walking one hour daily for 18 years. I was afraid I would have to quit because I felt like I was carrying a heavy load. I learned from the Alexander Technique how to stand tall and get rid of that burden. I feel in control.


Jill Jennings, Latinist, Author & Educator


[If your Latin’s a bit rusty … ]

For 25 years, I endured the extreme pain of sciatica in both legs, chronic low back pain, and constant neck spasms, getting no permanent relief. No one seemed to be able to cure me.I was told I had traumatic arthritis from all my previous (9) joint surgeries, and just to wait until I got bad enough for hip and knee replacements. At one point, I was bedridden from the pain. That’s when I decided to try the Alexander Technique. Within a few weeks I was able to get a permanent and complete cure. Do what Ron Dennis teaches you to do. It works.


Linda Steckel, Operations Administrator

My stomach has never been flatter, and my sciatica is gone.


Eckhart Richter, Cellist

Were it not for the Alexander Technique, I would have had to give up my career as a cellist years ago due to a serious and deteriorating back condition.


Sidney Lenit, Pianist and Teacher

As a former dancer and current musician, I have benefited tremendously from the Alexander Technique. Where practicing piano caused backache and tendonitis before, I now go to the piano and use AT to make my back feel better!


Mollie Rich, Professor of Voice

I have found this new way of using my mind and body very beneficial, and I have been able to employ these principles in my teaching immediately.